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Customer Service/
Success Manager - Leader 
with VirginPure
At a glance

Our mission at Virgin Pure is to help people drink more water. We believe that drinking more water through our WaterBars will make Britain's people and our planet happier and healthier. Part of the Virgin Group

Salary: Circa £40,000 basic salary
Market: Health/ Wellness / Consumer Product
Stage: Hyper Growth
Company size: 35+
Office: Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8JY
Founded: 2015
Website >
Job title:
Customer Success/ Service Manager / Leader
What they do: 


“Making people and the planet healthier and happier” We believe that drinking more water through our WaterBars will make Britain's people and our planet happier and healthier. The WaterBars take out all the bad stuff and turn mains water into great tasting pure water – perfectly chilled, or boiling hot all at the touch of a button. 9 out of 10 of our customers tell us that their families drink more water and fewer sugary drinks as a result of having a WaterBar in the home. And there's no more need for plastic bottles in the recycling or even worse in landfill!

What you'll do: 


As a subscription, business retention is one of our core KPIs. You will take full ownership for our customer base driving retention through proactive through to save mechanics. This role is to transform the way your function operates and to represent the voice of the customer across the business.

Growth potential: 

The role offers unlimited and fast growth. Coming into a managerial role, if you excel at leading your team and customer retention we would be looking at creating a ‘Head of Customer Care/Service’ and instead of reporting to the Head of Operations, you would be reporting to the CEO in your own standalone department. Room to develop in an operations/supply chain role if you wish to combine the two.

Full Job Description


We’re a Virgin Group company gearing up to make the leap from entrepreneurial turn around up to rapidly growing SME. We are motivated by the desire to make the planet and people healthier and happier by both reducing the use of single-use plastic bottles and helping our customers drink more water.


2019 has seen us grow customer base while preparing the platform for the launch of a new Home Water System in 2020, which will act as the catalyst for accelerated growth. To deliver our ambitious plans we have a clear strategic focus:


  • Implementing a new business model to meet our customers’ demands

  • Rapidly increasing customer awareness through targeted digital advertising

  • Creating a platform for an effortless digital customer journey

  • Building a simple, scalable service and supply chain platform

  • Developing and retaining an expert team


First and foremost, this role is about offering a great experience to all our customers. The Virgin brand comes with high expectations from our customers and we aim to surpass them. Whichever way a customer chooses to contact us in the modern world, you will lead your teamto be on hand to answer queries and provide solutions. 


As a subscription, business retention is one of our core KPIs. You will take full ownership for our customer base driving retention through proactive through to save mechanics. This role is to transform the way your function operates and to represent the voice of the customer across the business. The successful candidate will motivate and lead the Customer Services Team to achieve a range of KPIs as well as being the ultimate escalation point. They will define, produce and maintain high quality standard operating procedures to be used for training. To have a Continuous Improvement mindset, propose and implement changes with demonstrable benefits to customers, colleagues and the business.


This is a real opportunity to join a business where your voice, experience and skills will play a key role in shaping and delivering a world class service offering.


About you

  • Having the customer at the heart of everything you do.

  • A high-energy, inspirational leader.

  • Over 2 years experience in a leadership/managerial role working in Customer Services / Care / Experience.

  • Candidate with history of Start-Up/SME experience, and the wide area of ownership associated with it.

  • Positive mindset and not deterred by barriers.

  • Confidence to challenge the way things have been done and think outside the box to continuously improve.

  • The passion to lead, inspire and improve your team

  • Able to use MS Office, including MS Teams and particularly strong with Excel.

  • Able to communicate confidently and clearly, both verbally and written.

  • Strong data analysis skills, with a focus on why customers leave and develop a retention plan.

  • A good sense of humour, fun to have in the team and an unflappable style.


Who would this role be great for?

A high calibre Customer Services / Customer Experience / Customer Care Leader, with a passion for high quality customer service. A candidate with inspirational qualities to lead the team on a day to day basis, with the ability to zoom out and develop a customer contact strategy.


They will already know what excellent looks like, bringing ideas with them and modern approaches, along with the ability and tenacity to implement. Excited to work for a small, but growing company and motivated by the opportunity to shape a function in their own image and take the next steps in their career.


Key Tasks / Focuses:



  • Chair the customer meeting to drive improvements in sales, finance and field service practices 

  • Create clearly articulated goals and plans to drive retention 

Measurable by: churn reduction + nps improvement.



  • Day to day team management.

  • Resource and workflow planning.

  • Ultimate customer escalation point.

Measurable by: Achieve KPIs & Customer satisfaction


  • To know what good looks like at start-up / early stage business.

  • Ability to remove barriers to achieve success.

Measurable by: Build a self-sufficient team.


  • Get the most out of a small team.

  • Provide training and techniques for improving quality.

  • Produce SOPs for existing and new processes

Measurable by: Engaged and productive team/Completed SOPs


Continuous Improvement

  • Observe, propose and implement changes to the operation to improve productivity.

  • Introduce measures to improve customer retention

  • Lead change projects.

Measurable by: Cost / Service / Experience benefits.


Tech Savvy

  • Track record of reducing customer contacts through application of technology.

  • Experience of creating self service solutions.

  • Produce engaging reports.

Measurable by: Cost / Service / Experience benefits.



  • Get and use data to make informed decisions.

  • Understand why our customers are contacting us and how we can work differently to offer a better experience.

  • Must be a proficient user of MS Office and skilled at Excel in particular.

Measurable by: Introduce and own customer surveys and analytics

More about us > We’re proud to be part of the Virgin group.
You may know us from Planes, Trains, Balloons, and even sending people to space.

Why we do water

Since we started in 2012 we’ve helped thousands and thousands of people enjoy drinking pure water as part of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Simply put we think water should taste great, be free of impurities and be conveniently available instantly and unlimited. That’s why we believe there is a better way to do water.

What we do

Across the UK we are known for our award-winning countertop water dispensers we call WaterBars. They triple filter, UV purify and dispense instant and unlimited chilled or boiling water.

What we’re aiming to achieve

We’re here to help make people and the planet healthier and happier. We know that when people drink more water, they’re healthier. When they’re healthier they’re happier. We know that the planet is healthier and happier when there is less plastic waste. We believe Virgin Pure is the plastic-free way to get Britain drinking more water.

How we do it

We install our WaterBars directly into homes and workplaces all over the UK, helping families, colleagues, friends, and businesses enjoy the great taste of pure water. In fact, 85% of our customers agree that since having a WaterBar they drink more water and fewer sugary drinks.

Who are our customers

Whether a family is making the switch from buying bottled water, an office is trading in their old water cooler or its just because of the great taste and convenience of instant cool and boiling water we have been serving a diverse range of customers since 2012. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy pure water and so we offer our customers a range of ways to own and pay for their WaterBar. Find out more here

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