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Get your jobs in front of your ideal candidates
How can a simple software platform genuinely transform peoples lives?
By giving people instant access to their inspired career.
The most exciting and fastest growing companies across Europe use hyer to hire for all their Non Technical positions. 

We ONLY showcase the best jobs from the hottest companies that are changing our lives for the better.


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From Fin-Tech to Prop-Tech to AI to Marketplace, big or small. If you're building

something interesting, we've got you covered.

About hyer

Built for job searching

A career company people love to use  


Thousands of active job seekers are using hyer everyday to discover companies and jobs that inspire them.

We’re able to give people instant access to the careers that truly inspire people and how to navigate their way through it. 


Hassell free


Searching for a job online, through an agency or networking is painful, slow, boring and annoying. Which means people don’t even attempt it until they're desperate

Everything upfront, on demand


We felt everyone should have all the access they needed upfront, at the tap of a button. 


Job searching in 2018 for the active and the passive

What is hyer

Start up candidates

Only for startups

Exclusive for NonTechnical candidates within the tech world from small start ups with big plans to for scale ups with 250+ employees.

The right experience for you


All candidates on hyer currently work in start ups or large scale tech companies. Graduates have either interned or have direct experience. 

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No need to waste time reaching out blind to your ideal candidates on the platform. 

Your personal Partnerships Manager will pre screen and qualify the best candidates for you and take care if the entire process alongside you.

Built for you, with you


Hyer is designed for you to see your ideal candidates without ANY hassle or time wasted. 

We understand how important it is to continue to hire the best.

How it works

Get in front of the right candidates

Get noticed

We create a level playing field. 

Smaller start ups are now able to compete for the same talent with much larger, well known “sexy” scale ups. Continue to hire A+ talent, outside your network. 

The best insight into hiring ever   NEW!! 

You’re now able to see how your job compares to other similar jobs or companies. 

See real insights like...

> How many applicants are applying to similar jobs?

> What timeframes other similar jobs are taking to hire? 

> What small changes to a job profile can increase apply rates by 35%.


Questions you ask yourself, we’re now able to answer.

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How do you know how your talent network compares to the rest of the market?

We’re pay on success only so you can see your ideal candidates for free and compare them to candidates within your network. 


Ambitious companies hire the best talent they can get in or out of their network. 

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Type of jobs on Hyer

How it works


Super easy to use

No need for another dashboard. We’re able to plug into your existing ATS and follow your current recruitment process or sent direct to your email.


It’s built for you, to save you time. Be as hands on or off as you want.

No pestering

We know you want to hire all in house and save costs as you grow. To expand your talent network we work along side you and your in-house talent team - not compete. We don’t spam CV’s, call you, pester you. 


We’re human and we help you achieve your hiring goals alongside you.

The Tech v.s the Human

Hiring is human. Our tech empowers us but we stay human.


Our tech enables us to find the jobs people will love instantly. For everything else we’re human and super helpful. 


Radical Transparency


See everything upfront including their salary, why they're interested in your company, why they're moving jobs, Linkedin profile, CV, pre screening questions. Everything you’ll want to know. 


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Blake - CEO at Tipsity
“We're able to attract the candidates our much larger competitors snapped up previously" 
Will - Head of Careers at Makers
"Super interesting and refreshing model"
Jen - Co Founder at Away
"They have an incredibly human approach to everything they do which is fast becoming a powerful movement."
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Laura - Head of People at Akkroo
"Hyer is essential for growing companies like ours."
Andy - VP Customer Success at Raising IT
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"Opened our eyes to the level of candidates we're able to attract."
"Easy to deal with, the process is incredibly simple and the level and flow of candidates is awesome!!
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Oliver - Co Founder at Marshmallow

1000s of people are using hyer everyday to discover companies and jobs that inspire them

"It felt like i had an inside man to my top 5 companies.

Very impressed!!

One big THANK YOU!!

This is SOOO stress free and easy. Thank you!

I can't thank you

enough 🙌

This is how recruitment should be

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 13.32.50.png

Just wanted to say...This has been amazing ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Three of my friends have already signed up!


I always stay clear of career companies.

You guys have changed my mind.

Screenshot 2017-09-23 11.12.44.png
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Ben - CEO at Add To Event
"Effective and simple! Pivotal as we grow. "
Hannah - Head of People at Goodlord
goodlord logo.png
"Excellent and constant pool of great candidates."
"Constantly great candidates - thank you!"
Jason - Sales Director at Grantree

Try us today, risk free!!

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