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"Partner Success"
Account Management & Project Delivery
with Makers
At a glance

We help people change their lives, through training and employment 

Salary: Up to £45,000
Market: EdTech / Software
Stage: Hyper Growth
Company size: 100+
Office: Commerical Street, London, E1 6LT
Founded: 2013
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Job title:
"Partner Success" Account Management & Project Delivery
What they do: 


At Makers, we are creating a new generation of tech talent who are skilled and ready for the changing world of work. We are inspired by the idea of discovering and unlocking potential in people for the benefit of 21st century business and society.

What you'll do: 


We help people change their lives, through training and employment, and you’ll help them get the most out of the first year of their new career. This job is part account management, part project delivery. Great relationships are your currency and Make Things Happen is your motto.

Growth potential: 

Growth at Makers unlimited. Lots of our team have started in a role and moved into other areas of the business, we have had 4 internal moves from Account Management in the last month. So it's up to you, if you stand up and deliver and show initiative, you could go anywhere in the business.

Full Job Description

Everyone deserves a job they love. We’ve got one for you:


We help people change their lives, through training and employment, and you’ll help them get the most out of the first year of their new career. This job is part account management, part project delivery. Great relationships are your currency and Make Things Happen is your motto.


Our programme consists of four months of intensive training, then we hire the people we’ve trained and support them through a year-long software development contract (“the Pathway”) with one of our tech employer clients. During the Pathway, we support the trainee to accelerate to a much more senior level than would usually be expected, eventually being hired permanently by the client. As we keep growing, we need more people like you, to deliver the Pathway.


You’ll be the first point of contact for the client and our developers that are working there. You’ll be responsible for Makers delivering an incredible service to our clients and to our developers. This means the client is getting great people that are supported to grow faster than any other software developers, and those people are not just doing well, but exceeding all expectations - including their own!


You’ll be working on different Pathway projects for the same client, as well as across different clients. For each project, you’ll work closely with a Client Director, who created the relationship with the client and is responsible for its success. At the moment, we have three Client Directors and there will be three people, including you, working on the Pathway.


Pathway Success looks like:

  • The client gets proactive, fast-learning, creative software developers;

  • Each of our developers achieves or exceeds their goals; 

  • Working with Makers helps to solve the client’s larger (tech) talent problems.


You can expect:

  • To quickly take ownership of projects.

  • To contribute, from day one, to the ongoing improvement of the Pathway service.

  • To work with amazing people who care about doing good and doing it well.

  • The autonomy to make decisions and act on them, with the support and advice of your team, about how we work with each other and with our clients.

  • To be encouraged to seek out new opportunities and pursue them.


What you’ll mostly be doing:

  • Coordinating activities across multiple teams at Makers (and our suppliers) to deliver an incredible service. This includes finding the right developers for the client, making sure their onboarding is smooth and effective, helping the teams they’re joining to get the most out of them, and working with the Coaching team to support them on the job.

  • Building great relationships with everyone involved, so that all planned things happen on time, to an excellent quality.

  • Taking ownership of all unexpected issues being resolved quickly and brilliantly - always working towards the project’s goals and in line with our values.

  • Working closely with the Client Director in the later stages of the sales process to help define the project goals and how it will be delivered.

  • Keeping excellent records, for analysis and reporting.

  • Regular check-ins with the client, to identify their needs, designing and implementing solutions to meet them.

  • Regular check-ins with the Pathway Makers to identify their needs: either empowering them to meet those needs independently, or by fixing stuff for them.

  • Working closely with the Careers and Coaching teams to improve our service by gathering feedback and conducting customer development frequently.

  • Seeking out relevant information and sharing it with the Client Director to enhance up/cross-sell of our services.


Progression in the role:

  • Learning about new stuff - Things you might not know now, but you can learn about in this job: what makes a great environment for learning; best practice for software development; effective recruitment (of developers); agile customer development; and reflective working practices.

  • Learning about yourself - At Makers you get a lot of autonomy, and with that comes a lot of responsibility. It takes time to learn how to be autonomous while working well with other autonomous people - it doesn’t mean working alone! Having responsibility for everything you do, including how well you’re doing it, means you’ll likely learn a lot about yourself - probably more than you would in another company.

  • Growing as a business - Makers is growing faster now than any point in its five year history. The Pathway, alongside our recently-launched Apprenticeships business, means the company is working with more people, for longer and to greater effect.

  • Growing as a professional - You’ll be growing with the business too. As you help to improve our service, you’ll be able to train others, take on more responsibility and branch out into other parts of the business (most likely taking on a similar role in the Apprenticeships business). As we work with more businesses, training more people (perhaps in different locations) your role will evolve to fit your skills and ambitions, with respect to the business’s needs and objectives.

How to apply...

Full managed


We take care of the entire process for you so we can manage and remove poor experiences like ghosting, no feedback, no updates and so on  🙌


All you have to do is let your Relationship Manager know you’re interested, ask them any questions you have and they will take care of the rest.

Straight to the front

From there, what’s next is super simple  😇

If you like the initial sound of the company/ role. We then act as your “in” with them and set up an initial phone chat with you and the Hiring Manager there. 


The chat will be pretty informal and should only last 10-15 minutes - It's a fact find for both of you. 


More than prepared 


Before the call we will send you EVERYTHING you'll need to know about the company / who they are looking for / format of the call and so on. 


You will be fully prepared and know what to expect at every stage 😀

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