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Head of Customer Success
with GatherContent
At a glance
GatherContent is a Content Operations Platform that helps teams produce high quality content, at scale.
Salary: £50-£70,000 basic salary + Options
Market: SaaS / Content Tool
Stage: Hyper Growth
Company size: 20+
Office: Remote Working
Founded: 2012
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Job title:
Head of Customer Success
What they do: 


GatherContent help teams organise and produce website content. Customers use our platform to manage the people, and process, for producing effective content that meets user needs and business goals.

What you'll do: 

You will be leading our Customer Success team and accountable for its performance. This will include managing the existing team members and supporting our enterprise customer growth.

Growth potential: 

A opportunity for progression to management team and VP of Customer Success as the business grows. 

Full Job Description

About GatherContent

GatherContent is a Content Operations Platform that helps teams produce effective content, at scale. Customers use our platform to manage the people, and process, for producing effective content that meets user needs and business goals.

We work with leading digital agencies, higher education institutions, governments, non-profits and membership organisations. Some of our customers include Digitas LBI, Harvard University, The Australian Government and Doctors without Borders.

We launched in 2012 and now help thousands of customers, all over the world. Our team is fully remote, working from all over the UK.


The Role

We're looking for an experienced, UK-based Head of Customer Success who wants to be part of a remote-working, fast growing startup.

You will be leading our Customer Success team and accountable for its performance.

We’re looking for someone who is excited to make a mark, bring process, move metrics and and help us transform Customer Success into a highly valuable team at GatherContent. This will include managing the existing team members and supporting our enterprise customer growth.


  • Start date: as soon as possible

  • Pay: £50-70k + options, dependent on what you bring to the table

  • Working remotely anywhere in the UK (we offer budget for co-working spaces or to set-up your home office)

  • Reports to CEO


Please be aware that although the position is remote, we will need you to travel within the UK (usually Brighton and London) during the interview process, and attend team days / Customer Success in-person sessions as needed.

What we need


  • Passion, energy, focus and enthusiasm for both the role and our business.

  • A self-starter attitude with experience managing and prioritising your own workload.

  • An ability to get things done quickly (whilst maintaining quality); working to a pace.

  • A team-player who works as well with others as well as individually.

  • Strong opinions, loosely held - you have no fear when it comes to contributing ideas and participating in discussions with the team. You’re also happy to take critique, self-improve and move forward fast.

  • Innovation - you need to be open and willing to adopt new ways of working. Our processes are constantly evolving and we always look to take a lean approach.

  • Customer focus - You should always be thinking, “What can I be doing to deliver the most value to our customers?”

  • Leave your ego at the door. We make decisions based on what’s right for the company, no exceptions.

  • Integrity- you do the right thing and know how to set expectations.

  • Direct feedback- you’re comfortable giving and receiving feedback.

  • Continuous improvement- you’re always looking for ways to better yourself, your team and company processes.

  • Wellness- you live a balanced routine and avoid heroism and burnout.


The skills, qualities and experience we're looking for

  • 3+ years experience leading a Customer Success team within B2B SaaS.

  • Remote work experience.

  • Obsession with delivering an incredible customer experience.

  • Track record of delivering results on key Customer Success metrics (churn, ARPA, satisfaction etc).

  • Ability to focus your team around goals, accountability and results- rather than milestones/project launches.

  • Experience hiring and managing people to build a winning team.

  • Technically versed and able to proactively work with our VP of Product, CTO and Product Team on roadmap prioritisation, updates and integrations.

  • Building a deep understanding of our product, and using this to deliver effective communication to our customers.

  • Proactively speaking to customers and developing relationships with them that inform the product and increase retention.

  • Working closely with the Management Team to ensure that business goals are being met whilst GatherContent maintains its customer-first brand.

  • Working in collaboration with our Sales Team to give our customers a consistent, valuable experience throughout their lifecycle.

  • Feeding insight into the Marketing Team on desired outcomes and use-cases. Working closely with Product Marketing on new features and updates.


What we can offer you

  • Remote working within the UK - We're a distributed team, so whether you want to join a co-working space or get your work done from home, the choice and flexibility are yours.

  • Work/life balance - We work a 35 hour week and encourage downtime. We don't want people burning out. We offer a full Headspace or Calm subscription and have free mental health support available.

  • The chance to make a big impact - We're a small team of 22 (and growing), and we don't do silos, so there's a big opportunity for you to collaborate closely with people across the whole company and make your mark.

  • Easy-going team - We enjoy spending time with each other. Not being in the office together every day makes the heart grow fonder, so every 3 months or so we organise for the whole team to hang out and catch up. Our recent expeditions have included a Breaking Bad Cocktail Making experience (with virgin options), a food tour across London's East End, and making Christmas wreaths for that festive feeling.

  • Need a holiday? We offer 32 days of holiday per year, which means more time to do something off the beaten path.

  • Growth - We believe it's important for people to have the resources to grow both personally and professionally, so we offer a generous conference and books budget to help you scratch that knowledge itch.

A little more insight into why we exist and what's next for us

GatherContent was born from first-hand experience of the stress associated with wrangling content for websites. Our founders ran a digital agency working on chaotic and content-heavy projects. They quickly realised they were not alone in their frustrations with content not being given the respect it deserves.

Since GatherContent launched in 2012 we've helped tens of thousands of teams, across 135 countries, avoid hours of pain. We continually strive for a better way to organise, structure, produce, manage and migrate content for web projects - fighting the good fight against bad content.

GatherContent is fully remote, with team members working across the UK and Europe.

Why we're here

Because content matters. Content is crucial, however it’s often overlooked. It’s seen as a cost and not a source of value. We want to change that through education, advocacy and better ways of working.

To confront a market of ill-fitting products that fail content producers. Collaborating on content at scale is hard and the tools that exist aren’t fit for purpose. Word documents, spreadsheets and emails are a recipe for delays and stress. CMS’ aren’t designed for authoring. We’re changing these accepted, broken ways of working on content, to meet the fundamental needs of content producers.

To create a company we’re proud of. We want to create a world-class company that’s fair, transparent and employee driven. We want to create a company that cares equally about our people, planet and profit, to be a BS-free, psychologically safe workplace where people can do the best work of their lives, and enjoy the process. We want our team to be able to work remotely, flexibly and have a great work/life balance.

What we value

At GatherContent our values aren't just a list in a company handbook, they're a genuine part of how we work and live every day.

> Wellness comes first.

> Strong opinions, loosely held.

> Leave your ego at the door.

> Continuous improvement.

> Direct feedback.

> Integrity always

How to apply...

Full managed


We take care of the entire process for you so we can manage and remove poor experiences like ghosting, no feedback, no updates and so on  🙌


All you have to do is let your Relationship Manager know you’re interested, ask them any questions you have and they will take care of the rest.

Straight to the front

From there, what’s next is super simple  😇

If you like the initial sound of the company/ role. We then act as your “in” with them and set up an initial phone chat with you and the Hiring Manager there. 


The chat will be pretty informal and should only last 10-15 minutes - It's a fact find for both of you. 


More than prepared 


Before the call we will send you EVERYTHING you'll need to know about the company / who they are looking for / format of the call and so on. 


You will be fully prepared and know what to expect at every stage 😀

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