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Release date : 18/01/2019
Company: Trail >
Job position: Senior Business Development Manager
Start Date: ASAP
Job profile - early version 


Trail is a task management app for retail and hospitality businesses. We bring UX and engineering expertise to an industry hungry for both. We help store managers and head office teams get their jobs done more easily. With Trail, stores spend less time on admin, and more time doing what counts - being with their customers.

Within our first year we’ve raised significant seed capital and signed companies such as Itsu and Enterprise Inns. With a second round of fundraising underway, and more high street restaurants set to join, we’re showing no signs of stopping.

How We Work 

Trail works with a modern stack and tools like Heroku, Codeship, AWS, Postgres, React, JIRA and Slack. We know that TDD, automated end-to-end testing, peer reviews, and an agile workflow result in awesome products and happy customers. We also like solving interesting problems like Multi-platform delivery, Third-party integrations, Highly performant UIs and data extraction & transformation.

We’re small - and want to stay that way! We want to build a small and talented team that remains nimble whilst solving the biggest problems the industry faces. A place everybody can shape.

Trail also offer remote working and flexible hours. We don’t need to see people every day to know they’re doing a great job.

Job Description

Trail makes it easier to run a good shop, restaurant or pub.

Our habits have been transformed by technology over the last 20 years. But the average day for waiters, chefs, cashiers and managers has barely changed. We’re changing that.

Trail is a complete guide to the working day, with simple, powerful tasks for the service industry. We’ve had a very successful first few years, raised enough money and signed huge brands like Wagamama, Leon, Brewdog, Bill's, Deliveroo, Gymbox and many more.

We’re remote-first with flexible, human working hours. There’s a London/Moorgate base that some of our 19 team work from, and everyone gathers a couple of times a month.

We’re small and want to stay that way. It’s a tight, talented team that remains nimble whilst solving the biggest problems the industry faces. A place everybody can shape.

>What’s the opportunity?

Trail’s commercial function has been driven using classic outbound sales techniques. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved and it’s producing the numbers, but we’re always challenging ourselves to find better ways of working.

The challenge is to optimize each activity that wins a customer. We want this to be a fixed process, repeatable at scale - an effective sales playbook with an amazing team to match.

We need a salesperson, but one who can understand the need for scale too. The product has the ability to be truly global, and we’ll need you to be part of the team that’s going to realise that opportunity and grow with it. We can’t wait to meet you.

>What will I be doing?

Running day to day sales for medium to large customers, through strong partnerships with our Customer Success team.

Effectively hiring, coaching and inspiring Sales Development Managers.

Building an outbound sales development team and process to complement our existing inbound sales development team.

Through analyzing our data, constantly testing new and innovative ways to capture and convert prospective customers and evangelizing our learnings through thought leadership activities.

>What skills & experience do I need?

Experience in hospitality, retail or leisure. 
Demonstrable results in B2B SAAS solution selling. 
Passionate about technology as a means for business development. 
Excellent written and verbal communication. 
Ruthless deal closer. 
Analytical and data-driven. 
A great attitude and love for teamwork :)


Competitive salary. 
Minimum 33 days holiday. 
Flexible hours and remote working. 
Equity in the company. 
MacBook and Phone. 
Great career progression opportunities. 
A great working culture, trips abroad and work outings.

How to apply...

Full managed


We take care of the entire process for you so we can manage and remove poor experiences like ghosting, no feedback, no updates and so on  🙌


All you have to do is let your Relationship Manager know you’re interested, ask them any questions you have and they will take care of the rest.

Straight to the front

From there, what’s next is super simple  😇

If you like the initial sound of the company/ role. We then act as your “in” with them and set up an initial phone chat with you and the Hiring Manager there. 


The chat will be pretty informal and should only last 10-15 minutes - It's a fact find for both of you. 


More than prepared 


Before the call we will send you EVERYTHING you'll need to know about the company / who they are looking for / format of the call and so on. 


You will be fully prepared and know what to expect at every stage 😀

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