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Release date : 18/01/2019
Company: Marshmallow
Job position: Customer Operations
Start Date: ASAP
Job profile - early version 



We're building a smart, digital insurer of the future to help us achieve our mission of helping everyone have equal access to fair financial products. We're a small team backed by investors who have backed Spotify, Monzo, Adyen and others. Following our successful launch earlier this year we are now scaling - FAST.

To build an insurer that can compete with huge multi-billion dollar monsters such as Axa, Allianz, and Direct Line we need customer centric, and awesome customer operations 💪. You'd be joining a team that have worked at billion dollar fintechs such as Transferwise & Monzo, and large insurers such as Admiral and Zurich.

The primary responsibility of this role is to make every interaction a customer has with us enjoyable, to be a voice for customer centricity, and a voice for automation. You'll be on the front-line as the voice and face of the company, as well as evolving and developing scalable processes that allow us to be extremely efficient.

What does the next 12 months look like for Marshmallow


We will be a team consisting of 50+ of the highest achievers across technology, product, design and financial services - hellbent on creating the most customer centric insurance products in the world. These products will save our in-need customer's tonnes of money - as we expect to be 10* more efficient than incumbents due to bots and automation. You can expect to work in a team that delivers products, features and improvements continuously and with urgency. Our long-term advantage will help us expand to other European countries helping us serve millions of people.

What you'll be doing...

  • Talking directly and honestly with our customers, developing a deep understanding of what international communities really want from a fairer, tech insurer

  • Proactively spotting patterns in the frustrations or hopes of our customers, seeing where we can change our processes, tools or product to make them happier

  • Helping us become more efficient by introducing new technology and processes

  • Understanding, prioritising and escalating our customers' feedback and feature requests to the product team (who build our website)

  • Making sure the rest of the company stays customer-focused and fixated on building the best insurer in the world

You should apply if..

  • You're great at explaining things to people

  • You have huge amounts of empathy and the ability to live in the customer's shoes

  • You have a passion for technology

  • You want to help change the world through financial tech

We will be even more loved if you...

  • Have experience living in a foreign country

  • Have worked in a startup before

  • Can clearly articulate customer centric strategies that have worked and that you want to implement

  • Can push the rest of the team to improve as you push yourself every single day.


  • Competitive salary

  • 0.05-0.15% equity ownership of Marshmallow

  • Free kindle with unlimited books 📚

  • Central London office

  • Opportunity for HUGE growth and responsibility


  • Our process consists of a phone interview and a few hours onsite. We will endeavour to be communicative and transparent throughout :)

We're looking for people who love to learn and continuously push themselves. We hire smart thinkers who are comfortable making decisions in their areas of expertise and who think 'how might this work' rather than 'why might it fail'. We want to push the boundaries of insurance and technology so look for ambitious people who take rigorous steps to accomplish the impossible.

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