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Release date : 21/02/2019
Company: Chattermill >
Job position: Customer Operations Executive
Start Date: ASAP
Job profile - early version 


In three years Chattermill has grown from a team of 2 Co-founders to a team of 20 in London and more around Europe. In that time we have developed a cutting-edge AI product that empowers some of the most exciting companies in the world (Uber, Spotify, Transferwise, Skyscanner, Deliveroo and many more) to understand their customers in a whole new way and consistently improve their customer experience.

Our user base consists of analysts from some of the most Customer Focused companies in the world and in the last 12 months our user numbers have increased significantly. So now more than ever, it’s vital that we ensure there are processes in place to ensure our users get the most out of our platform.

We are looking for a Customer Operations Executive to join our Customer Success team. You’ll work closely with the Director of Customer Success to ensure as a company, Chattermill maintain their customer first mentality.

A bit about what you will get up to:

  • Automate wherever possible throughout the entire customer journey, working with Sales, Data Operations and Customer Success to improve the trial, onboarding and other data integration processes.

  • Work with Customer Support, analysing ticket traffic, monitoring and improving SLAs.

  • Work with Product teams to bring your learnings into the Chattermill product and constantly improve the experience for our clients

  • Create systems and processes that drive self-serve behaviour of customers, with the aim of reducing the level of reactive activity within the customer team.

A bit about your experience

  • Excellent academic background - preferably in a technical or numerical discipline; think engineering, maths, economics

  • Strong communication skills including presenting to groups of senior management

  • Have worked with technical products that required an understanding of complex products

  • Ability to both go in-depth on technical issues whilst also being able to simplify the same issues.

  • You are customer-focused. Our customers come first here and we will always look for a solution to their problems - whether it is possible or not, we make the effort

  • You understand how to get from a one-off implementation process to a standardised process. You can convey any learnings you have from your specific implementation experience and extrapolate them to design a generic implementation process.

  • You are not afraid to get your hands dirty when implementing solutions

What We're Building

Chattermill helps companies collect and understand customer feedback at scale. We start with simple yet extremely effective Net Promoter Score surveys sent automatically to your customers. We then use cutting edge natural language processing and machine learning to categorise and measure each sentence in open ended responses. With us you can find out exactly how your business is doing in each area.

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