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Partnership Development Representative
with Centuro
Full Job Description

About the company 

Centuro Global helps businesses ‘Go Global’ through strategy wrapped in a cutting-edge technology platform.


International expansion is normally a complex process with advice often required from multiple parties, covering legal, accountancy, tax, and marketing amongst other considerations, and business owners often find the whole process stressful, time consuming and expensive.


Centuro Global simplifies this process by providing a coherent strategy and roadmap for new market entry and business growth, provided by our in-house team of global expansion experts and a network of professional service firms around the world via both consultancy and our online platform, Centuro Connect.


With an exclusive business community of fast growing businesses, corporates, angel and institutional investors, government bodies, business leaders and professional services firms worldwide, Centuro Global elevates businesses beyond boundaries.

Summary of the position 

As the Partnership Development Representative, you will be tasked with generating leads for the business. You will be the initial face of the business, using telephone and email marketing to generate leads both on the client side and also for potential new partners for the network.


Clients will include scale-ups and corporate companies looking for services and may require consultancy services or to be pushed to subscribe to the platform. New partners will typically be law firms, accounting firms, immigration specialists and anyone in the market entry professional service field.

You will be reaching out to new partners, booking demo calls, negotiating deals and agreements and then supporting and account managing those agreements into true partnerships.


Your overall role will be to build and manage a portfolio of strategic partnerships across the world


  • Work with the Sales Manager to research new prospects and users and develop and implement appropriate engagement strategies

  • Find leads through various research techniques and analyses

  • Draft client presentations and correspondence

  • Research target companies and sectors

  • Track interactions with clients and prospects to build the company’s knowledge base

  • Monitor and qualify inbound leads

  • Experiment and optimise sales process

  • Communicate with internal teams about sales progress to prepare for client onboarding and create internal awareness of client needs

  • Develop excellent relationships with existing partners and become a trusted advisor in order to solidify and grow partnerships.


  • Experience in a Sales or Partnership Management Environment

  • Aptitude and willingness to develop a good knowledge and understanding of our product range, market and competitors

  • Negotiation skills and a problem solver

  • Data analysis capabilities – able to experiment with different sales campaigns, track and monitor data, and utilise learnings to optimise the sales process.

  • Excellent written and spoken English is essential with the ability to write business emails with attention to detail

  • Ability to work both independently and as a team player focused upon the delivery of quality and customer satisfaction

  • Flexible. Able to work from home or at the Company's office as required. Must have a reliable internet connection and home office.  While able to work from anywhere, you must be available for meetings within London working hours.

The Successful Applicant:


To be successful in this role you will fundamentally be able to deliver on sales and get things done. This is a multifaceted role in an exceptionally fast paced organisation, you will know how to prioritise and be able to vary your style to meet the different demands of the role; in-life management of existing propositions, operational support, partner management, performance management and delivery of multiple projects simultaneously. You must think highly analytically and preferably have a background in mathematics, computer science, data analytics or similar subjects.

The Centuro Global Team:

Our core existing team includes 8 full time members – 3 in London, 3 in Cape Town, and 2 in India.

We have part time members of the team in other countries around the world and also work with an extensive network of partner firms globally to deliver on services.

The team is a very flexible unit and whilst we have our own roles, we all chip in and contribute across a variety of areas, offering each other support. The team is very relaxed and friendly and easy to get along with. We value input and ideas from all members of the team, irrespective of role, and push for a family environment.

We have all been working from home effectively for over a year now and there are no strict rules on precise work hours. We expect all team members to be contactable from 9am to 5pm UK time but we are relaxed about the hours you choose to work as long as all tasks are completed to a high standard and on time.

We are therefore looking for the right team members who are down to earth, have a good sense of humour, whilst maintaining client facing professionalism to join our growing family.

How to apply...

Full managed


We take care of the entire process for you so we can manage and remove poor experiences like ghosting, no feedback, no updates and so on  🙌


All you have to do is let your Relationship Manager know you’re interested, ask them any questions you have and they will take care of the rest.

Straight to the front

From there, what’s next is super simple  😇

If you like the initial sound of the company/ role. We then act as your “in” with them and set up an initial phone chat with you and the Hiring Manager there. 


The chat will be pretty informal and should only last 10-15 minutes - It's a fact find for both of you. 


More than prepared 


Before the call we will send you EVERYTHING you'll need to know about the company / who they are looking for / format of the call and so on. 


You will be fully prepared and know what to expect at every stage 😀

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