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Release date : 08/02/2019
Company: Birdie
Job position: Sales Development Representative 
Start Date: ASAP
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Job profile - early version 

About Birdie


Birdie is a digital care companion transforming the way we look after the elderly living at home.

At Birdie, we believe that our elders deserve to age with confidence in the comfort of their own home. We use digital products, cutting-edge home connected devices and AI to empower the care community deliver better, adapted, preventative care. So that our loved ones can live at home longer, healthier and happier.

Launched in 2017, Birdie is a team of 20 top-notch care, product, health and tech social entrepreneurs committed to transform the way we care for our elders. We secured a £8.5 mln funding from Kamet Ventures and AXA - one of the world’s largest insurance groups - to accelerate our commercial and expansion phases in the UK and Europe. Birdie has won several prizes and recently was listed as one of the top 10 UK startups to watch in 2019.

We are shaping a role model company. We have a flat, flexible, close-knit & transparent culture, with minimum management and maximum empowerment and autonomy. We share our Objectives, Key Results, Setbacks and Achievements to Birdiers and shareholders alike.


All salaries, equity and individual objectives are transparent. Everyone knows what everyone does and supports each other thanks to regular one-to-one meetings. We practice radical candor to say what we think, help everyone grow and never back-stab.


Our business rhythm is weekly because speed and focus are key in everything we do. We plan together and align in advance to avoid last-minute rushes. We believe we’re building the organization of the future, open, fair and responsible, where everyone is truly excited to come to work! Join our ranks now and let’s support millions of older adults who need our help.

Job description 

Sales Development Rep at Birdie

We are looking for a Sales Development Rep who will support Birdie’s Sales Team in building partnerships with homecare agencies. You will have a key role to play in helping to define our outbound and inbound marketing efforts. You will be responsible for identifying prospects, qualifying their interest and booking demos

* Location: Angel or from home 
* Permanent, full-time or part-time 
* £25k - £40k OTE + benefits (dependent on experience)


You are

* An excellent communicator, both written and verbal. You can easily explain the benefits of a service, and can simplify complex topics in a way that anyone can understand; 

* Curious, always listening and engaging to understand true motivations; 

* You are compassionately competitive, with a desire to be the best and to pull your team up with you; 

* Someone who gets things done and is willing to step up, roll up your sleeves and take responsibility; 

* Ready to seize the initiative and drive improvement in your own and your team’s work; 

* Comfortable with an ambiguous, changing, start-up, energetic working environment; 

* Organised and able to prioritise your work independently; 

* Someone who wants to learn, wants to improve and wants to grow in your chosen career and are committed to self-development, whether independently or with your team; 

* Someone who resonates with and is happy to uphold our values ( .

You will

* Report to the Head of Sales & Marketing and be responsible for identifying prospects, qualifying their interest, and booking demos; 

* Book over 25 meetings each month with customers fitting our target profile; 

* Be responsible for optimising the lead generation elements of the sales pipeline, with the goal of achieving a 20% improvement in key sales metrics within 3 months; 

* Market Birdie at 3 – 5 conferences per year, with individual goals set for those conferences; 

* Have a key role to play in helping to define our product and marketing efforts, logging and structuring the feedback you hear to improve our product, sales and marketing strategies.


Strong desire to work in B2B Sales Development;

Strong verbal and written communication skills. Able to forge strong bonds with key stakeholders and speak at different levels of technical understanding.

Our story

We have a bold vision. To build a society in which we all age with confidence. We want everyone who ages to feel confident this is a journey worth exploring, on their own terms.

Birdie emerged from the realisation of how much society was struggling with ageing, when our CEO and co-founder, Max, witnessed first-hand the decline of his grand-dad moved in a care home.

Home care is just the start of this journey. At Birdie, we plan to enhance how we age


Our investors 

Backed by the world’s leading insurance group AXA and its start-up studio Kamet, we now have the unique opportunity to build the technology that will step change the home care industry and have a positive impact on the lives of millions of older adults and their families..

Our values 


We care

We care about our society, the people we work with and the ways in which we can impact millions of lives. We`re committed to building a fantastic service for our users and our industry.

We succeed together

We want to bring everyone on our journey with us, going far beyond what is expected of us and our industry standard. We work to elevate each other, we trust each other, share everything and give continuous feedback

We are brave & ambitious

We continuously challenge the status quo and open our arms to change. We make tough decisions and tackle problems headfirst. We are courageous enough to step outside our comfort zones because nothing is too big for us.

We strive for excellence

We’re obsessed with growth. In ourselves, our product, our teams and in our society. We recognise our strengths, share our work, take initiative, ask for help, improve ourselves and always reach higher than the day before.

We love a little quirkiness

We believe in fun and hard work, giving us the tools to succeed and grow, while also creating an environment that celebrates humour, community spirit and idiosyncratic talents.

How to apply...

Full managed


We take care of the entire process for you so we can manage and remove poor experiences like ghosting, no feedback, no updates and so on  🙌


All you have to do is let your Relationship Manager know you’re interested, ask them any questions you have and they will take care of the rest.

Straight to the front

From there, what’s next is super simple  😇

If you like the initial sound of the company/ role. We then act as your “in” with them and set up an initial phone chat with you and the Hiring Manager there. 


The chat will be pretty informal and should only last 10-15 minutes - It's a fact find for both of you. 


More than prepared 


Before the call we will send you EVERYTHING you'll need to know about the company / who they are looking for / format of the call and so on. 


You will be fully prepared and know what to expect at every stage 😀

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