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The first career company you'll love.

Forget what you know about job searching. This isn't a job board or agency as you know it.


hyer is built with you, for you. The career company you'll finally love and trust.


The one of the future.

1000s of people everyday are using hyer to discover companies and jobs that inspire them. 

About hyer

What is hyer?

We make finding and landing your dream job easy.

hyer is an online marketplace where you can instantly see jobs and companies you’ll love to work for without the time or hassle. 


Searching for a job online or through an agency is painful, slow, boring and annoying. Which means people don’t even attempt it.


You can now view your dream home, order a burrito, stay in a castle in Peru and even find your husband or wife at the tap of a button. Why can’t you see your dream job instantly without all the pain and time that comes along with it?


Now you can


Giving you instance access to an inspiring career or the next step up in your already exciting career. 


Job searching in 2022 for the curious or the active.

What Hyer does
How we do it

How we do it

Screenshot 2018-04-26 08.04.26.png

Just for you

We ONLY send you jobs we think you'll be excited by and have a realistic chance of landing.

Hottest companies around


Only see the most exciting, growing, ethical companies.

And rule out all the others!! (goodbye cold calling ☎)


No commitment, No forms, No pestering, No sales patter,

No phone calls. Just jobs and companies you'll love. 

Filter what matters

You can now pre-filter what's important to you. Such as remote working, travel, less than 50 employees, fintech, fashion tech, uncapped holiday... Whatever's important to you - filter it. 

Built for you, with you


Hyer is designed for you to see your dream jobs in seconds without ANY hassle, in just a few taps. 

How it works
Type of jobs on Hyer
Tech/ Human

Type of jobs & companies on Hyer

Home for the non-technical


hyer is for NON technical roles in amazing, inspiring tech companies.


Start ups with big dreams to full scale tech unicorns like spotify and snapchat. 

You can filter what's important to you - upfront. 

Radical transparency is KEY.

See EVERYTHING upfront about the job and company!! Including FULL salary breakdown, photos, exact culture and values, investment, company reviews, team and company size and so on.


See what it's really like to work there.

Our story

The Tech V.S The Human

Hiring is human. Our tech empowers us but we stay human.


Our tech enables us to find the jobs we think you’ll love instantly.


For everything else we’re human and super helpful. hyer is built for candidates not companies.


Jobs are viewed online, and you can immediately 'Ask Us Anything.'

Each company has a dedicated hyer relationship manager who knows everything about them. Simply chat via Whatsapp, messenger, linkedin or email and ask any questions you have. 


We also encourage you to take a step up in your career. 



Our story

We left this til last, but for us this is first. 


We truly believe that an inspiring, challenging, growth life in all areas - starts with where you work.


We experienced this way of life.


The problem we found was that friends and family were content in "everyday" jobs, even paying well. So they didn’t want to invest the time to find amazing places that would truly suit them. It took FAR too much time - So we made that process instant. 

If you can easily view and get inspired by a company at the tap of a button, you’re more likely to be inspired to start the process of landing your dream career and to pass that enthusiasm onto your friends and family.


1000s of people are using hyer everyday to discover companies and jobs that inspire them

"It felt like i had an inside man to my top 5 companies.

Very impressed!!

One big THANK YOU!!

This is SOOO stress free and easy. Thank you!

I can't thank you

enough 🙌

This is how recruitment should be

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 13.32.50.png

Just wanted to say...This has been amazing ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Three of my friends have already signed up!


I always stay clear of career companies.

You guys have changed my mind.

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Screenshot 2018-04-26 08.06.57.png
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